Terms & Conditions – Web Sales

1.   Pricing.  Unless specified otherwise, price quotations are effective for 30 days.  After that period, pricing is subject to modification.  Upon the placement and acknowledgement of a customer’s purchase order, the pricing on that order is firm.

2.   Delivery.   We make our best effort to maintain standard schedules, but changing circumstances can result in extended delivery times.  In the event that a promised delivery will not be met, the customer is notified. 

3.   Payment.  The quotation will be specific in this regard, and may include a requirement for a pre-delivery deposit.  Customers are required to submit payment by Bank transfer of funds prior to shipment, or, payment may be made by approved credit card.  For bank transfer of funds, Ultra Tec will supply company bank information on the Order Acknowledgment document that is sent upon acceptance of the order.  Arrangements can be made for Letters of Credit but these will require additional charges reflecting bank charges and the cost of handling the L/C.

4.     Shipment.  Shipments are FOB our shipping point, which is Santa Ana, California unless otherwise stated in the quotation.   Unless otherwise specified in the purchase order, selection of carrier and method of shipment will be made according to our best judgment.  The shipment will be insured against damage.  Charges for packaging, shipment and insurance will be reflected in the billing to the customer. 

5.   Warranty.  Warranty of equipment will be specific to the particular item, and will include a period of effectivity and a definition of the covered elements.  In the event of malfunction, Ultra Tec’s liability is limited to repair or replacement of the equipment delivered on the order, or refund (under the terms of 7, below), and does not include any attendant or subsidiary damages. 

6.     Confidentiality.  Ultra Tec and the customer mutually accept that all technical information that is exchanged, relative to an actual or projected order, to the extent that it is not common knowledge or separately published, is proprietary to that party, and will not be disclosed to any third party, unless permission to do so has been granted.   Included within the exchange of proprietary information are: specifications, drawings, and actual physical hardware.  Ultra Tec and the customer also mutually agree not to recreate or assist in the recreation of any product or technical information within the proprietary definitions above for sale or any other purpose.

7.     Returns.  In the event that the customer wishes to return material for credit, the customer must request a Returned Material Authorization (RMA).  Unless a special arrangement is made, the following conditions of the involved material are effective:  it must have been shipped within the preceding 60 days, it must be a standard product that Ultra Tec offers (not a “special” that was made or obtained for the customer), it must be unused and in good untampered-with condition, and the customer must state a reason for the return.  A return is subject to a standard 20% restocking charge.

8. Machine Order Cancellations. Orders which include a faceting machine may be cancelled in writing by the customer, within a period of 30 calendar days from the Order date, with no cancellation fee.  After 30 days, no cancellations will be accepted.

For returns for repair, upgrade, calibration etc., Ultra Tec will issue a Returned Material Authorization (RMA).